Stone Creek Ranch

From the moment you step on the grounds you'll feel as if he just got down on one knee. Here at Stone Creek Ranch we strive to stand apart from the rest. Yes, you could go to other venues for whatever the reason but you will in no way get the same experience. Your wedding day should be a story you can look back on and relive countless times. More importantly while you're here your special day will feel endless, in out of body oh my is this really happening kind of way. From the first few feet in the gates you overlook the front pasture that houses our pond and our fire pit, nothing like snuggling up next to your new boo with a view. From that you come upon our pride and joy. Our 2800 square foot wood barn was built in the style of the true "old barns". Our black beauty is constructed solely of knotted of pine, all locally sourced. The barn has 35' tall ceilings draped with swagged string lights grazing the rafters that glisten over the all oak floors. The south side of the barn opens for a breathtaking view of two large lakes, rolling hills, fire pit area, and at just the right time of day; you'll catch a glimpse of cattle grazing in the distance. 

All the buildings on the premises are black. We chose to paint our structures as such to nod to the elegant barns of the south which were traditionally painted black to absorb the sunlight used for drying tobacco. To some, a black barn may be unusual however we are proud to be the only black barn in Kansas. We chose this special color to fit a special bride(or groom) and luckily for the both of us, that just happens to be you. 



Let us have the first dance.

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